Reading Challenge: Week 7 – The Passenger

“In case you were wondering, I didn’t do it. I didn’t have anything to do with Frank’s death. I don’t have an alibi, so you’ll have to take my word for it…”



Summary: The book begins with Tanya finding her husband dead at the bottom of their stairs, knowing she will look like suspect #1 she decides to run. We follow her journey as she tries on new identities like they are coats in the closet, runs into interesting characters that you can never tell if they are friendly or malicious and creates a world of problems for herself.


My Thoughts: It was hard to get into this book at first, I would read a few pages then put it down and then read a few pages and so on. But once I got about 25% through the book, it grabbed me in and wouldn’t let go. I loved how the author approached the story with such humor. People are getting killed left and right, the main character keeps making tons of mistakes, creating more problems for herself but yet it is still a pretty humorous book.


Favorite Quotes:

“You can never see anything clearly when you’re running.”  

“What was she like in the end? The way most people are at the end. Scared and full of regret. The way you are all of the time.”

“There was a time I used to cry, but that was another lifetime ago. My heart was broken just once. But completely.”

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