Scentbird. Worth the hype?

What is better than perfume? Being able to try out different scents without the large upfront investment. There’s nothing worse than paying $70 for a full bottle realizing it gives you a headache after 3 uses, such a waste. And that is the best thing about this service, you pay $15/month (with the ability to pause or cancel the subscription) and get to try out a wide range of luxury scents.

I had actually never heard of this subscription service until a friend recently pointed it out. I was pretty reluctant to try it as I tried Ipsy before and it really bugged me that I didn’t get to pick what I wanted and would end up not using half the products sent to me. But I figured what the heck, let’s give it a try. Needless to say, I absolutely love it!

Each month, you can pick exactly which fragrance you want and it is sent to you in “30 day supply”. Which being honest, is a pretty generous amount for only $15. They also include a chic, white spray pump and black bag. I love that because I always am trying out different testers/rollerballs and they are constantly getting lost in my purse. If you haven’t tried it. Just do it. It’s amazing.

February is my first month receiving the subscription and I chose Kate Spade’s In Full Bloom, y’all so delicious. I absolutely love this perfume and will definitely be purchasing the full bottle. The full bottle for 3.4 ounces currently retails at Ulta for $98.

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