12 Adventures – An Animal Lover’s Dream

I love animals. I would have a giant farm and rescue center in my back yard if it was feasible. But, because I’m no high roller – I will have to settle for my dreams of visiting these many animal adventures. Let’s consider this my animal bucket list.



Otter Swim at Nurtured by Nature – Valley Center, California

I absolutely loveeeeee otters and have never gotten to see one outside of the sad confines of a zoo. Nurtured by Nature is a non-profit organization located in California that promotes animal education and preservation. The otter swim that they offer looks amazing and books quickly. I will most likely die and go to Heaven if I am ever able to go.


Crystal River ManateesManatee Swim – Crystal River, Florida

Naturally, the next must go-to for me is the Manatee Swim in Crystal River. Like how could you NOT want to do this? They’re absolutely precious.


th68L369TDBig Major Cay aka “Pig Beach”

Located in Exhuma, a district of the Bahamas, is an island just full of pigs and uninhabited by humans. These little guys are all over the place and apparently love when humans hang out with and feed them. #happening



Alligator Swamp Tour – New Orleans, Louisiana

Yeah, that’s me holding a baby alligator. No big deal. We can cross this one off the list.


animal-encounterSloth Snuggles & Ring Tailed Lemur Love – Wild Florida


Barbados_seaturtle_1170x_25_rsz_35349279Swim with Leatherback Turtles – Barbados



Stingray City – Grand Cayman



Penguins Up Close & Personal



Swimming with Sea Lions/Dolphins in Southern Australia


Hold a Monkey

Toby-No longer Here

Red Pandas Up Close & Personal


Cayman Turtle Centre – Caymans



Dolphin Discovery


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