Story Time: Roommate Series Part II

sophomoreI have had my fair share of roommates and about 98% of them were absolute terrors. Throughout my college and early grad life it seemed like I was constantly moving and experienced some truly unique craziness from the various people I had lived with. The plan is to post a new story to this series every so often and share that craziness. I’ll of course leave out the good roommates, because where’s the fun in that?


Alright, last time we discussed my roommates from Freshman year of college. Lets a take a teensy, tiny jump into Sophomore year and the summer leading up to it. On campus housing is separated into two distinct areas – Freshman and Non-Freshman. The apartment Courtney & I lived in in the previous story, was considered Freshman housing so we had to move at the end of the school year. In the Fall, I would be moving into a new 2 bedroom apartment with my Big from my sorority and her boyfriend, Brody*. However, this left us with about 2 months of no housing.


Bit of back story, Brody was in a fraternity and my Big and I were pretty close with a lot of his brothers and a few of them were renting a house off campus. Brody had the great idea that we move in with them for the Summer and wait out those 2 months. They’re just as clean and quiet as girls, right? It’d be loads of fun right? Living with 8+ frat guys between the ages of 18 and 20. What could go wrong? Lord, girls everything went wrong. Don’t do it ever. You’ll regret it almost instantly, there were parties every single day – sometimes all day, sometimes they never ended. It was loud as hell constantly. And don’t even get me started on the sanitary conditions of the bathroom and kitchens. Worst part, you can’t even fault them for it. What did we think was going to happen? Upside – it was a lot of fun once you got past the negatives.


Then we got the news that the apartment was ready and we were so ecstatic to move into our new apartment that crisp day. Without a care in the world, we packed up our shit and hightailed it out of there. Everything was going to be great, that is until Brody & Big broke up…. One day after moving in and resulting in the most awkward living situation I have ever been apart of. He got his room, she & I got our room and we all awkwardly cohabitated.


*Names have been changed.

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