Reading Challenge: Week 5 – The Hand That Feeds You

“How many sociopaths does it take to change a lightbulb? One. He holds the bulb while the world revolves around him.”


Summary: Morgan, a psychology student, is finishing her thesis on victimology, recently engaged and everything seems to be on the up & up. That is until she arrives home one day to find her fiancé, Bennett, brutally murdered by what appears to be her dogs. After she begins therapy, she realizes that Bennett is in fact not who he appeared to be and she can’t control herself from digging further into the mystery that was her fiancé. Along the way, she meets and hears of various other women who were also engaged to Bennett and some still in danger.

My Thoughts: The concept of the story seems great in theory. However, the execution was a pretty big fail, watered down and way too predictable. People do not read psychological thrillers to guess the ending, they want to be surprised. It was still enjoyable to read but wasn’t memorable or developed in a way that I enjoyed.

Favorite Quotes:

“He understood that there was power in stillness, and excitement in the pause.”  

“But what if there was a different kind of risk factor, the risk of being too trusting, not because of gullibility, but because of compassion.”  

“I knew some people looked for—believed in—closure. How I loathed that false notion, that one could tie up the loose ends of mystery and grief. Did that mean one stopped being haunted day and night? Did it mean one could get on with one’s life, such as it was? I thought it was a cruel term, a grail that could never be found.”  

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