Cubicle Face Lift

Cubicles are so boring y’all. The tan walls and black cabinets just scream corporate robot. So, I decided to give my cube a little bit of a face lift to keep me motivated during those long days. I am no where near done, but it’s a work in progress. And hey, pops of color go a long way!

I needed a hanging calendar of some type to keep to my deadlines. I know it’s not a very cute one, but hey is was company provided – aka free. So count me in! As you can tell, I love fun, cute little picture frames. Plus this one holds a super sweet photo of my nieces. I also have a photo booth strip hanging on my calendar of my sister and I. I just love surrounding myself with photos of those I love.


I also HAVE to have my coffee each morning, like 4-5 cups of it to get up and moving. So, I keep my UTD Alumni mug here at work to get the job done. Next to it, is my phone holder. I know, it seems silly. But it really comes in handy.


Andddd, my favorite part. There’s literally nothing functional about my “hip, hip, hooray” sign and cactus. But, it’s pretty and a girl needs pretty things to look at through the day.

I highly recommend lifting your computer screens off your desk with at least a computer riser to get them eye level. Really helps ease the back pain from sitting in one spot all day! I actually use the Varidesk, so it completely rises into a standing desk as well for when I’m feeling restless or like I just need to move.


Future Desk Plans:

I will continue to spiff up my home away from home bit by bit. Here are a few more ideas that I plan on using.

  • Bulletin board
  • Fancy calendar
  • Use Velcro to hang inspirational framed prints
  • A sweet, new mousepad
  • A nifty desk tray to hold my misc goodies
  • A foot hammock!
  • Fun magnets and more pictures on my overhead bin.

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