Story Time: Roommate Series


I have had my fair share of roommates and about 98% of them were absolute terrors. Throughout my college and early grad life it seemed like I was constantly moving and experienced some truly unique craziness from the various people I had lived with. The plan is to post a new story to this series every so often and share that craziness. I’ll of course leave out the good roommates, because where’s the fun in that?


So without further ado, let’s get into the story of my first roommates ever. In the Spring of 2009 I was a Senior in high school planning my first big adventure, College. I am and always have been very shy so the idea of moving off to an unknown town, being far away from my family and not knowing anyone in the area frightened me, just a tad. Luckily for me, it also frightened my good friend Courtney. From the moment we sent out application packages, we made a pact that we would go to the same school and dorm together – come hell or high water. At the end of the school year, we received our acceptance letters to UTD and learned that another girl, Agnes, from our class was going there as well. The school’s dorm situation was a bit untraditional. As in, they weren’t dorms. They were on-campus 4 bedroom apartments, pretty sweet in retrospect. So, obviously all 3 of us girls from CHS were going to dorm together and get a random for the 4th room. Sounds like a solid plan right?

1934936_1135194184057_4101958_nCourtney & I – Senior Year 2009

Bright eyed and bushy tailed, we moved into our new apartment and met our 4th (but not final) roommate, Elizabeth*. We all met Elizabeth’s boyfriend who spent most of his time at our place. But, she was so sweet and we all instantly loved each other. We spent most of our time going through Rush, Freshman Orientation and all the other Freshman events that are designed to get you to meet new people. Then we received a shock – Agnes was moving out. Not just from the apartment, but leaving the school completely. I don’t really remember her reason why. This left an empty bedroom in the apartment that we assumed the school would fill with another random. Eh, not a huge thing – we could deal. Luckily, they never ended up filling that room. Otherwise there would have been way too many people living there. You’ll realize why at the end of the story.

1936770_1221172613464_8104349_nCourtney & I – Fall 2009 Freshman Convocation

Every Fall my sorority planned a sisterhood retreat where we all camped at Turner Falls in Oklahoma. (Side note: It’s really beautiful, definitely recommend going.) This particular weekend, I was away at sisterhood retreat and Courtney was away at her church retreat. Elizabeth & her bf were home alone, or so we thought. Flash forward to Sunday night as I am driving home from Turner Falls, I get a phone call from Courtney that says to get home quick and that I won’t believe what’s going on. I arrive home to an infant. An infant that now lived in our college apartment with three 18 year old girls. Turns out, Elizabeth had been pregnant this whole time and we just thought she was a little chubby under her super baggy clothes. You think I’m bullshitting, but I’m not. Swear. So, her baby and her baby daddy moved in with us. Which was a bit of a shock, but again whatever – we can deal with curve balls, am I right?

1934273_1251127642321_3097130_nSisterhood Retreat Fall 2009 – Blissfully Unaware

We continued our lease, fell in love with her baby and all tried to get along the best we could. Sometimes I wonder if Agnes knew Elizabeth was pregnant and that’s why she moved out? Hmmm…. Guess we shall never know.


*Name has been changed.

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