Reading Challenge: Week 4 – Remember Mia

“First I remember the darkness.
Then I remember the blood.
I don’t know where my daughter is.”


Disclaimer: SPOILERS!!


The main character, Estelle, wakes up one morning in a hospital hours away from her hometown after being found in a ravine. She has zero memory of how she got there or where her baby is. All she can remember is blood, and lots of it. But she has no idea where it was coming from or who it belonged to. When her husband arrives at the hospital, it is determined that she is suspect #1 in her child’s disappearance. Piece by piece, she begins to unravel the events leading up to that day.

My Thoughts:

Remember Mia is apart of the whole “Gone Girl” vibe craze, but dang I love it. What I truly enjoyed about this book, is that there is not a predictable ending. It is written in a classic “who-dun-it” style, but you will NEVER be able to guess the “who” until it is finally revealed. The character development also rocked – you become genuinely attached to them and their outcomes.

Favorite Quotes: 

“Remember, a change of scenery would do me good, you said. It would be like starting over, you said. I believed you, Jack. I thought I could leave the other woman, the one who had taken over my life, I could leave her behind. But she followed me.”

“Everything in his world is either black or white. The scary thing is that I agree with him, I’m not good for anything. I tried to be a good mother, I tried to do what mothers do. I wish I could make him understand how hard I tried.”

“How many times did I want to forget painful memories of my life? And now this, here I am, trying to remember them all. What a joke, and again, the joke’s on me.”  



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