Reading Challenge: Week 2 – The Woman in Cabin 10

“In my dream, the girl was drifting, far, far below the crashing waves and the cries of the gulls in the cold, sunless depths of the North Sea. Her laughing eyes were white and bloated with salt water; her pale skin was wrinkled; her clothes ripped by jagged rocks and disintegrating into rags. Only her long black hair remained, floating through the water like fronds of dark seaweed, tangling in shells and fishing nets, washing up on the shore in hanks like frayed rope, where it lay, limp, the roar of the crashing waves against the shingle filling my ears.”



Summary/My Thoughts:  The book follows a girl named Lo Blacklock who works as a journalist for a travel magazine. She gets an opportunity to go on a super swanky cruise ship in order to write an article on it. Now, the cruise ship is super small – like 10 cabins small. But damn, is it swanky and for the richest of the rich. While on the cruise, she wakes up one night to the sound of something hitting the water. She peers over her railing and sees blood on the adjoining window and believes a person has been thrown overboard. She immediately freaks out and calls security – who does not believe her as no one was staying in that cabin and it is immaculately clean when they check it. She is also perceived as not the most reliable source as she is an alcoholic and takes various prescriptions for anxiety. She believed the person to be in trouble was a girl she had seen earlier in the day in that cabin – that is now unoccupied, in the middle of the North Sea. Yeah – bitches don’t just disappear y’all. Well, they can but usually not innocently. I felt certainly connected to Lo. I NEEDED to know if this girl was legit crazy or if something malicious actually going on? Stubborn as the girls is, Lo refuses to accept that she was seeing things and continues to research and dig deeper into the mystery. She keeps getting weird feelings, like the wifi being out for days and mysterious notes being delivered to her via condensation on bathroom mirrors.

I really liked that this book did not try to over do it with the twists/turns that so many other authors are doing and failing at. There’s 1-2 turns that tie together amazingly. There is no predictability or guessing the ending – you are COMPLETELY surprised. Overall, the book was a quick read and held me on the edge of my seat.


Favorite Quotes:

“My friend Erin says we all have demons inside us, voices that whisper we’re no good, that if we don’t make this promotion or ace that exam we’ll reveal to the world exactly what kind of worthless sacks of skin and sinew we really are Maybe that’s true. Maybe mine just have louder voices.” 

“Maybe that was closer to the truth–we weren’t captor and captive, but two animals in different compartments of the same cage. Hers was just slightly larger.”

“Was this what it was going to be like? Was I turning into someone who had panic attacks about walking home from the tube or staying the night alone in the house without their boyfriend?
No, fuck that. I would not be that person.” 

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