Reading Challenge: Week 1 – The Couple Next Door

“Everyone is faking it, all of them pretending to be something they’re not. The whole world is built on lies and deceit.” 



Summary/My Thoughts: The book revolves around a young, affluent couple named Marco & Anne. Now, on this specific night the couple goes to their neighbor’s dinner party and leaves their baby home alone (sleeping in her crib) due to their babysitter cancelling.  They decide that they can take the baby monitor and go check on her every 30 minutes and that she’ll be fine. So, they go to this dinner party and get absolute shit faced. And, OF FREAKING COURSE, the couple arrives home to their front door ajar and the baby has been kidnapped within the first 20 pages of the book. Like really….. Felicia?! What’d ya think was going to happen? From then on the book reads from multiple perspectives and is FULLLLLL of tensions between the couple, their in-laws and their neighbors. The author also throws in that Anne has had previous mental illness in her younger years and currently suffers from Post-Partum Depression. I’m sure everyone can agree that the best part of reading any book is being drawn in by the characters and becoming invested in them. This book doesn’t really do that – the characters are not likable at all. About halfway through, you find out that the husband set this all up to ransom money from his in-laws to help his failing business. It literally KILLS the suspense of the novel. But, don’t even get me started on the ending. Anne kills the damn skanky neighbor who was flirting with her husband because she was talking negatively about her baby. Now, I am ALL FOR some good revenge at the end of a murder mystery novel. But how about, she get revenge on the person WHO GAVE HER BABY AWAY?! That would make the most sense – obviously.

Ultimately, was it great? Eh.. not really. Did I hate? Eh.. not really. It was just a bit of a disappointment. It was definitely a quick read, quite the page turner and was rarely boring. However, it is just full of twists and turns that don’t make logical sense and are barely strung together logically. It’s a good “beach” read, but don’t waste your money. Get this bad boy from the library or borrow it from a friend.

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