How Mavis met Mary…


Sometimes in life, you have the opportunity to meet your person and the two of you just immediately click. Like, God brought down another person specifically for you and y’all were just meant to be besties. Let’s say fate, shall we? Well, that’s not how this story goes…

I had just started a job at an apartment complex and it’s day one – I’m nervous and a hot sweaty mess. Sweating like a sinner in church kind of mess. Anyways, I pull my shit together and walk in, smile and introduce myself to the girl sitting at the desk. Immediately, I am met with a death glare from all hell from her. Like not even a Hello? How are you? – Nothing! I immediately thought “Well, shit who’s this crazy bitch?” Little did I know she would in fact become my best friend, my saltmate and my crazy bitch. Over the next 2 months or so, we continued to stay aware of each other but not really talk. That is until fate brought us together one shining day through the mutual dislike of a person with the likeness of Satan himself. Let’s call her, Satan 2.0. Eh, maybe comparing her to Satan is a bit much. Oh well, it is what it is.

At this point, I had become a bit friendly with Satan 2.0 and was witness to all the sheisty things she would do to and say about our fellow coworkers. For example, the girl would steal leases left and right which is basically stealing commissions from other people and then she’d have the balls to act like there was nothing wrong with what she was doing. Millennial entitlement at its core. Needless to say, she did not have any resemblance of a moral compass. I think she could tell I was getting a bit fed up with her bullshit, so she flipped the script and tried to steal one of my leases. I was done and confided in Sarah during a smoke break. Her immediate response, “Well yeah – the bitch is shady af.” Right there, between two girls and their cigarettes, a new friendship was born.

Elbert Hubbard once said, “A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.” Well, this girl knows everything about me – flaws, crazy stories and all. Everyday after work, Sarah would come over to my apartment for hours of whining and venting sessions while we downed a bottle of wine together. Nothing was off limits and damn sometimes it just feels good to just let your shit flow out and just be able to bitch about everything that is bothering you, knowing you won’t be judged. Turns out, we were salty about all the same things so we never ran out of things to bitch out. Now, this may seem super unhealthy but you got to think about all the free therapy we gave each other – it balanced out, pinky promise.

This girl is more than a friend. She is my sister, my partner in crime and my rock. She’s been there to cheer me on through the ups and held my hand through the downs. We know each other better than we know ourselves and aren’t afraid to call out each other’s bullshit. Through the heartbreaks, triumphs and even the failures, she has stood by my side. Like everything in life, our relationships hasn’t been all unicorn farts and rainbows but regardless of everything, we still have each other’s backs.

Now someone just make her move back to Texas!








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